Professionalism Will Make Nigerian Leagues Better – Sports Minister, Dare

Published on: 11 September 2020

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare has reassured that professionalism in Nigerian football development being promoted by the ongoing reforms of the nation’s football will make Nigerian Leagues better and put it at par with others around the world.

The Minister says his desire to see the Nigerian Leagues grow beyond the current state with rapid transformation through proper licensing, and financial control is unwavering.

Mr. Sunday Dare expalins that the step is critical for building stakeholder confidence following the reclassification of sports from  recreation to business as part of President Buhari’s commitment to make sports business.

He adds that other necessary steps involve running the leagues as businesses and not as recreation . According to Dare “we have a clear plan and vision. We are dogged in working to fulfil them leveraging on public and private financing to achieve our goal. We are committed to make changes that would position our league for the best.”

The Minister had said that the league would not resume until basic conditions on club licensing control are enforced.

“As a Ministry, infrastructure renewal is our ultimate goal to ensure television friendly output that will encourage investors to put their money in a product that is quite attractive, this boils down to professionalism of all stakeholders, administrators, coaches, players, and fans of round leather game,” the Sports Minister remarked.

“This is the only way we can attract sponsors and fans returning in large crowds to the stadium. when all facilities are put in better shape ahead of the new season. We are looking licensing, players salaries and medical insurance, incentives, among others when the season commences.”

The Minister expresses confidence that Nigeria will get it right and return to apex position in African football.