Ghana legend Abedi Pele paints gloomy picture of domestic league, fears it could collapse

Published on: 13 August 2015
Ghana legend Abedi Pele paints gloomy picture of domestic league, fears it could collapse
Abedi Pele

Ghana legend Abedi Ayew Pele has painted a gloomy picture of the domestic league, claiming it’s in shambles and fears the growth of the game could choke in the country.

In a killer blow to several strides being made to enhance the growth of the game in the West African country, the three-time African footballer of the year, painted a dire consequence for the growth of the sport and asks for remedial steps to be taken to restore hope.

Ghana’s domestic top-flight has come under criticism with constant claims of its downward spiral decent successes chalked at the international level.

The former Marseille talisman has painted a devastating picture of the local league and claims it will take a decade to fix the situation.

"I have mixed feeling… mixed feeling in the sense that as well as we have played well in the World Cup and in the African cup and we've not being able to bring any trophy home makes me a little bit worried for the future", Pele told Citi FM

"If you look at our's in shambles, I mean the league we're not bringing out developing players and we're not bringing players from the premiership to even the national level so there is a danger.

"The future is not bright at all and I'm very very worried.

"Today you can look around yourself and ask how many of our players do we have who are playing in the top leagues and when you answer that question you see that the danger is still ahead of us.

"And that is why I don't want to speak, I'm just quiet watching but I'm seeing the danger coming.

The iconic Ghanaian figure added: "Very soon we will have a serious problem and we will be seeing the situation crumbling gradually and then we will start blaming people,”

"When (Ghana Football) is already damaged what can you will take you another five years or ten years to repair and it will be too late because our countrymen and our football lovers cannot wait for that kind of time for football to be come back to its level.