Fatau eyes league title with Enyimba

Published on: 30 December 2017

Enyimba FC goalkeeper, Fatau Dauda is eyeing a league title triumph with the Nigerian league side in the upcoming season.

The Nigeria league season is scheduled to start January 14, 2018, and Fatau Dauda thinks this the best time for him to win the competition with Enyimba FC.

“I want win the league title for Enyimba FC in the coming season. If I can win other cups I will be very happy. I want trophies by the end of the season” he told FootballMadeInGhana.com.

The former Ashgold goalie also talked about the Nigerian Premier League, drawing comparisons with the Ghana Premier League.

“Both Nigeria and Ghana [have] got talent, but the difference is that Nigerian clubs are been financed by the government unlike Ghana were the clubs have to raise their own funds. So, financially, they are stronger than the Ghanaian clubs” he said.

Meanwhile, Fatau Dauda is also confident his former club, Ashgold will put the difficult times they experienced in the 2016/17 season to bounce back strong next season.

“It was a difficult time for Ashgold but I know the Management, led by Cudjoe Fiano will do everything to manage the team; things didn’t go well because of the closure of the mining company. I’m confident things will change this time around”.

“I think they can beef up the squad, they should get some quality players and add it to the existing ones. They should also motivate the players to play for the club”.