Wikki Tourists sign Ghanaian goalkeeper Steven Adams

Published on: 08 September 2020

Wikki Tourists FC have agreed a one-year contract with Ghanaian goalkeeper Steven Adams.

The one-time Black Stars goalkeeper joins the Nigerian Professional League club as a free agent.

Speaking to  a Ghana-based radio station Happy Sports on his move to the Nigerian side he said, “I have signed a one season deal with Wikki Tourists. I signed a year contract even though they wanted me for three years.

“The contract is better than that of Ghana. When I left Zambia to Ghana I decided to go out to play outside that why I considered Nigeria despite interest from other Ghanaian clubs”.

Adams revealed that he joined the Nigerian Premier League because Ghanaian goalkeepers have been excelling in the league.

“When you compare Nigeria its far better and also the Ghanaian goalkeepers in Nigeria are doing very well so I also considered that. The likes of Fatau Daudu, Nana Bonsu have all performed well in the league”.

“I want to make a name for myself in Nigeria. It’s my dream to make a return to the Black Stars”, he added.