What is currently the most popular sport for betting in Nigeria?

Published on: 16 February 2020
What is currently the most popular sport for betting in Nigeria?
Sports betting is well liked in Nigeria

Sports betting in Nigeria can be described by the locals as one of the most exhilarating ways of enjoying sports. Sports’ betting has been in existence for quite some time and it’s only recently that it has been introduced in Africa and Nigeria to be more specific.

Africa has been described as the fastest-growing economy in the world and this presented opportunities for the betting companies to get profits from sports lovers in Nigeria. Thanks to the success of modern technology especially the increase in internet use has seen many Nigerians regardless of their gender betting on sports.

esports betting has led to many people researching on their favourite teams and seeing their likelihood of them winning, at the comfort of their own home. Sports betting can be said to be placing a wager, in this case, money, on a sport that it would win. One gets to win if the sports team or person you placed your money on wins.

The most popular sports that can be bet on include basketball, soccer (football) and boxing. Some sportsbooks do not restrict themselves to sports as some can offer wagers on politics or any event whose outcome is unknown.

There is also no restriction on just whether or not the team or person you picked will win, one can also place their bet on how they would win, the duration it would take for them to win and the number of points each team will score.

The most popular sport in Nigeria that most of its locals are betting is football or soccer. Football is definitely the most famous sport not only in Nigeria but also in the world. Nigerians join in the fun like most people in the world and that makes it even more exciting to bet on it.

Placing a wager on football in Nigeria is considered lucrative as there are many football leagues this is because most countries in the world have football leagues and this translates to having more probabilities of winning on a monthly basis. When one decides to take on betting they are always fully aware that there would be times they will lose. Therefore, it is safe to say that when Nigerians bet they have a fair chance of winning.

The betting odds in football are quite good because even at small stakes the bettor stands a chance to win millions in money from the multiple of games in football even though the odds are not extremely high. When you bet you have to look at the value of odds if they are extremely low there is no point in betting on that sport. This is because odds determine the amount of money you get to win. A poor odd is what can be described as wagering a lot of money for a small amount of money.

Football is so popular in Nigeria’s betting world due to the fact it is easy to predict if you compare it with other sports it is easy to predict the outcome because there is plenty of data available to them, to study and make tangible and logical conclusions or in this case, bets. Therefore one can decide easily make predictions on football matches and they end up being correct hence win. Football is easy to bet on regardless of whether or not you are a football fanatic.

As mentioned earlier, football is a popular sport to bet on in Nigeria due to its ease of predictability this is brought by the fact that there is valuable information on the internet and it is quite is to access the said information. One gets unlimited valuable information for the best strategies to use when betting online. A bettor is able to sharpen their betting skills through the use of online sportsbooks. One can gather up information on the last performances of the team you are interested in placing your bet.

There is great joy and excitement when you place a bet on a team and it actually delivers, win. Nigerians are not different and they also want to experience the joy that comes along when the team you bet on wins. The lines drawn by the laws of Nigeria are actually blurry in the sense that they don’t mention anything to do with gambling sites which can be accessed via the internet.

However, citizens who use sportsbooks that are not licensed by the government will be subjected to a small fine. This does not stop many football fanatics in Nigeria as the authorities aren’t keen on online sites.

Those Nigerians who like to operate on the safer side of the law aren’t left behind as there are many sportsbooks that are licensed hence they can place their bets there. These licensed sportsbooks include Bet365naija, Naira Bet and Bet9ja.

Offshore Bookmakers are also popular in Canada and other foreign countries

There are also offshore online betting sites such as Bet365 that has been allowed in Nigeria following the Bet365 Canada Review reports. This is one of the few betting sites which has been allowed by the Government of Nigeria. Nigerians just like Canadians and lots of other bettors have found this online site to offer a wide and excellent variety of payment methods and have good customer service.

Many Nigerians are passionate about football and some can be too passionate to the point of regarding it as their religion. They love this sport because many of them have it as a God-given talent. Everyone regardless of their age, gender or religion they all seem to play it. This sport, one will not be wrong when they say it comes naturally to them. Since time immemorial football has always been where their heart is. Nigerians also love this sport because of the hope it gives most of them.

Nigeria, as we all know, is a third world country, and therefore, one can get a picture of their low standard of living. Hence if one has the talent of football, one can work very hard to improve on their football skills and get away from moving out of the hopelessness that comes with poverty. Football is definitely a way of acquiring wealth to them and for those who weren’t lucky enough to achieve their hopes and dreams of becoming wealthy betting offers them that opportunity to redeem themselves

Another reason why many Nigerians enjoy watching and placing their bets on football is that it is a way for them to run away, even for just the 90 minutes or so, to get away from cruel realities of life for just a moment. Football watching and betting have brought unity among the Nigerians even though many issues set them apart from one another. This is because many people love this sport so much that they forget about their differences and watch the game. There is even more fun when you bet against your friends and you actually get to win.

The satisfaction that comes along with it is what makes it even enjoyable. Many Nigerians enjoy betting on teams in the English Premier League as it is very competitive compared to other leagues in the world. From the nigeriasoccernet.com, Nigerians find entertainment value in betting on their favourite sport whether it is the Nigeria Premier League or leagues from other countries.