Real Madrid is expected to keep Marco Asensio

Published on: 10 November 2021
Real Madrid is expected to keep Marco Asensio
Marco Asensio

Marco Asensio is a good footballer who now plays for Real Madrid. Coach Carlo Ancelotti, on the other hand, hasn't given him much thought recently. As a result, the player's departure from the Spanish team became a genuine possibility.

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Being a Real Madrid player is a demanding profession. This is due to the fact that it is one of the most skilled squads in the world, with several players worth millions of dollars who are capable of defeating any team.

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AC Milan is interested in Julian Alvarez The Argentinian football tournament is one of the most appealing in the world. By going to live betting, you may bet on it while playing excellent games. Julian Alvarez of River Plate is one of the greatest players in the tournament right now. His days in Argentina, though, may be numbered, as is often the case with exceptionally skilled players in these championships.

This is due to the fact that the brilliant Argentinian has piqued the interest of a number of European teams. One of them is AC Milan. The team is said to have already begun communicating with their other managers in the South American squad. Of course, you can always visit 1xBet live betting on any match from the Argentinian league or the Italian Serie A.

Who is the most popular Formula One driver in 2021 Formula One offers a lot of interesting features that should be discussed. It's a fantastic sport to combine with a fantastic casino like A recent survey questioned Formula One fans who their favorite driver was. The outcomes were not really unexpected. The order was as follows:

  • Lando Norris occupied the third position;
  • Lewis Hamilton was positioned second;
  • and Max Verstappen was chosen as the most popular driver of the Formula 1 2021 season.

It's noteworthy to note that none of the top three drivers are Ferrari drivers. If comparable surveys had been conducted while Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel were Ferrari drivers, the results would very certainly have been different. In any event, this demonstrates the immense popularity of Formula 1 across a wide range of audiences throughout the globe, and is a compelling argument for people to bet on it on the 1xBet platform. It should also be said that the calendar for the upcoming year has already been published.