Moses Simon Arrives In Portugal, Jumped In The Rain For Preparation

Published on: 06 December 2022

French side FC Nantes, have taken their camping away from France to Faro, the southernmost region of Portugal.

Nigerian forward, Moses Simon yesterday also travelled with the rest of the team for preparation as the people of Nantes are preparing to follow a specific program in order to be ready on December 28 for the resumption of the French Championship in Troyes.

Moses on Nantes’ official twitter account was seen walking out of the plane and couple of minutes later, jumping into the rain for what looks like a long jogging with the rest of the team.

Nantes need all the preparation they can get as the French side sit close to the relegation zone in fourteenth position and Moses being one of their top players will need to score more than 5 goals in his 13 league games.