Florian Thauvin's failure at Newcastle

Published on: 04 August 2022

Florian Thauvin is one of the most talented French players of his generation. Together with the national team he even triumphed at the World Cup. By the way, online sports betting Ghana from 1xBet bookmaker is accepted for all matches of the "Three colors".

At club level, the Frenchman is best known for his play for "Marseille". However, in 2015 he decided to test his strength in the EPL and moved to "Newcastle". Then the management of the "Black and White" paid 12 million pounds for him. It is quite a considerable sum as for a footballer of such a level. By the way, online sports betting on "Newcastle" matches is available to users from Ghana at 1xBet bookmaker. It covers all matches of the team.

It seemed that Thauvin had everything to play for "Newcastle". He is fast, technical, has a well-placed shot. However, in England he completely failed to meet expectations. For the entire 2015/2016 season, Florian played 13 games in the English league, without distinguishing himself even once.

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Returning to Thauvin, it is worth noting that his poor performance was one of the factors that led to Newcastle's relegation from the EPL. At the end of the 2015/2016 campaign, the club finished in 18th position.

Why couldn't Thauvin play in the English Premier League? Thauvin's failure in the EPL looks all the more surprising because he then returned to France and started playing at a high level again. It seems that the English Championship just didn't suit his style. However, it's easy to follow this tournament at a reliable office. The 1xBet.com.gh/line/Wrestling section here covers the sport. It is becoming more and more in demand among fans.

Going back to Thauvin, the main reasons for his failure in England are the following:

  1. The pace of the local championship. In the EPL, the player did not have much time to make decisions. This did not allow him to show his full potential.
  2. Lack of understanding with teammates.
  3. Injuries which caused the player to miss many meetings and he could not recover for a long time.
  4. Pressure from the fans. They were waiting for him to become the new leader of "Newcastle United". The footballer did not fulfill that role and broke down psychologically.

His return to "Marseille" in summer 2016 was a rational decision for all. Now it is easy to follow the success of the Provençal players on 1xBet and not to miss a single game with them.

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