FIFA World Cup trophy arrive Nigeria in March

Published on: 18 February 2023

The FIFA World Cup trophy tour will be in  Nigeria in the month of March according to pieces of information gathered by on Thursday.

The event which last happened in 2019 in Abuja will take place on the 26th of March, 2023 as Nigerian fans will have the opportunity to see the world cup.

The event seeks to encourage people of all ages to be inspired to get excited about the FIFA Women's World Cup tournament set to hold in Australia and New Zealand.

The trophy will go around the 32 Nations that will be taking part in this year's global showpiece.

The tour’s Skills Drills will encourage women and girls worldwide to join the celebration by showcasing their footballing ability and creativity.

Countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Morocco, the Philippines, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Zambia who would be participating for the time in the world cup will be visited.

Uche Dozie