Egypt Will Not Report Nigeria To CAF - Hany Abo Rida

Published on: 24 March 2016

Hany Abo Rida, Vice-President of Egyptian Football Association, has stated that the Pharaohs will not file a complaint to CAF over the shabby treatment they received from the Nigerian Federation on arrival in Kaduna.

Rida, who is also a member of Fifa and CAF Executive Committee, has said that the EFA does not want to cause a diplomatic row between the two countries and promised to be hospitable to the Super Eagles when they arrive in Alexandria this weekend.

“We will not file a complaint against Nigeria to adequately preserve the relations between Egypt and Nigeria, ” Hany Abo Rida told reporters.

“We will not also treat the Nigerian contingent in Egypt similarly because Egypt  can not go wrong in a right way and must offer to be the brother’s keeper for every delegation.”

It is understood that the bone of contention is the Egyptian Football Association was not pleased with the hotel accommodation and the state of the Ahmadu Bello Stadium pitch.