Dedication & hard work are the major ingredients of my achievements - Rafiat Sule

Published on: 04 July 2024
Dedication & hard work are the major ingredients of my achievements - Rafiat Sule
Rafiat Sule with the Serie C Copa Italia trophy won in June

Following a hardworking season that saw her led her team to Serie C league title and the Serie C Copa Italia trophy, Lumezanne FC of Italy and Super Falcons player Rafiat Sule while relishing some moments from the just concluded season shared with her ingredients for success.

Rafiat in her first season with Lumezanne registered a total of 21 goals, 18 in the league and 3 in the Copa Italia which propelled the team to a league double.

Speaking exclusively to, Rafiat believed hardwork, dedication among other factors are the reason for her continued growth in the game.

"Hardwork, dedication, and focus helped me to the new level I am now in Italy because at the beginning it was kind of tough. A new team, and a new set of players, so it took me time to adapt to the team and also understand my teammates.

"The role I was also playing was far different from the ones I had been in years back. It took me half of the year before I could understand the role. In the beginning, I felt isolated because I was playing more from the midfield, the attacking side, so it was kind of difficult but in the second half of the season, I got it right and I really enjoyed it," she said.

Rafiat who left Nigeria for Europe four years ago found it difiicult at first to adapt to life outside Africa, but her determination to conquer helped her adjust on time.

"Talking about the environment, when I came in new four years ago, it was difficult. The language barrier, new teammates, and the style of training, the weather and many other factors made it difficult for me but I thank God that I was able to mingle and cope to get it right."

"To be honest, Italian league is not easy. It's more of physical, tactical and if you don't have the strength, you can't play in the league, but all in all, it's been God," sge added when asked about the nature of the Serie C.

Rafiat poses with the Italia Serie C title
In her rating of the league and it's contribution to her development, the energetic forward said: "Physically, the league has contributed to my development. I will rate that at fifty percent because I'm already this physical player before I left the shores of Nigeria. Mentally, I'll say the league has helped me on an hundred percent level because you can't cope in the league if you are not mentally fit.

"In Nigeria we rarely workout in the gym but here, you've got to. In Nigeria, it was more and only the field training of the thing, but here, you work in the gym and on the pitch and that has helped me mentally and psychologically and that has always helped me to give in my best everytime.

With 23 goals scored in league and cup games for Lumezanne in the just concluded season, Rafiat have now scored 48 goals in her last two seasons in Italy. She registered 27 goals, 23 in the league and 4 in the cup for alongside 7 assists for Vincenza the season before joining Lumenzanne.

She has represented Nigeria at the U-17 and senior level, registering 3 goals for the Super Falcons in her five appearances for them.


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