Watford star Isaac Success slammed by viewers who accuse him of pushing linesman over advertising hoarding

Published on: 06 January 2019

WATFORD’S Isaac Success was branded a “proper d***head” after appearing to push the linesman over the advertising hoarding.

The crowd at Kingfield Stadium burst out laughing in the 48th-minute flashpoint during the FA Cup third round clash

Success was challenging a Woking player for the ball down the right flank when the ball went out of play

But as it did, Success extended his right arm into the lino, causing him to fall backwards over the boards.

Luckily the official saw the funny side to it and got back to his feet with a big smile on his face.

But those watching Watford’s 2-0 win were convinced Success acted on purpose

Underneath a video of the incident, one wrote: “Proper arrogant p**** that Isaac Success, didn’t even apologise.”

Another said: “Isaac Success don’t even help him get up proper d***head.”

A fellow user posted: “Very bad from Isaac Success not even bothering to help or apologise to the referee.”

One comment read: “He could have at least tried to help. He saw the assistant referee falling.”

Another said: “Not very sportsmanlike from Isaac Success.”

One wrote: “Interesting lack of interest by the Watford player who caused the tumble.”

A fellow user posted: “@WatfordFC teach your players some class/basic manners or even just decency. Embarrassing.”

And another comment said: “I want to get over the fact that I am cringing so bad Isaac Success didn’t give the assistant referee a hand or check on him to see if he is alright… I am cringing like mad.”