Sports Psychology in the English Premier League

Published on: 17 April 2019
Sports Psychology in the English Premier League
English Premier League

The English Premier League is currently one of the best soccer leagues in the world. As such, it is able to attract the best players in the game. A lot of players feel that their career cannot be complete if they have not graced the premier league.

The English Premier League not only attracts top players in the game, but also top professionals ranging from big name managers, coaches, medical personnel, and sports psychologists. Sports psychology, for instance, has been found to play a great part in the players’ performance, even supporting the manner in which they think.

Having professional soccer players perform at their highest levels is a very important aspect if you want to obtain results or win trophies. This means players must be mentally and also physically able to compete. Sports psychologists are the ones who prepare these players mentally. Below are some of the ways in which sports psychology is used in the English Premier League.

Supporting and helping players deal with any crises

When you are a professional soccer player, it means you are a public figure. Many of these players are young and at times find themselves involved in activities that can damage their reputation and even attract criminal proceedings against them.

These players need sports psychologists to help keep them mentally stable so that they cannot do anything thereon. There are also players who suffer career-threatening injuries. In some cases, the players can suffer a similar injury immediately after recuperation. This can be self-destructing.

Sports psychologists help them during the recovery period and even after they have recovered. They have to be shown how to avoid some of these injuries.

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Supporting the environment that surrounds the player

For every league season there are two transfer windows, meaning soccer clubs in the premier league can buy players from different leagues and different countries. These players who have been purchased need sports psychologists to help them settle in with their new team.

They help them understand their fellow players, the club’s culture, the staff, and even the climate. Remember, a change in climatic conditions can negatively impact a player’s performance.

It is important that the players are psychologically prepared on how to deal with different weather conditions, which can sometimes be unfavorable.

Player development: helping the player’s transition into the first team

Every soccer club has an academy. The soccer academies have levels with players  under 23 and under 18. There is often talent in these soccer academies that cannot go unnoticed.

This means that a very young player can be called in to train and even play with the senior team. If these kinds of players are not put under the care of sports psychologists, they cannot perform in the expected manner due to the hype surrounding them and the pressure to deliver.

They need help to move into the first team and to be taught how to deal with disappointments in case they make a mistake.