Ajax club watcher/insider believes Calvin Bassey needs time to settle in perfectly to his new role

Published on: 23 September 2022

Ajax Club watcher/insider Freek Jansen believes Nigeria International defender, Calvin Bassey, needs some time too adapt to his new role at Ajax Amsterdam.

The Leicester City academy graduate left Ibrox Stadium, Rangers, to the Johan Cruyff Arena of Eredevise Champions Ajax in the just closed summer transfer window.

Bassey has been under scrutiny recently for performances against Liverpool and AZ but Jansen believes the Nigeria International needs time to settle into his new role at left centre back perfectly.

"He was still playing left back at Rangers around this time last year," Jansen was quoted as saying by AjaxShowtime, via Pak Schaal podcast.


"Then Van Brockhorst put him in the center of the left. He can absolutely do that. We have seen that often enough, for example at Rangers home. I really thought he was so very good in that place."


He added : "Only he now also experiences that he is being put under pressure against Liverpool and AZ. Opponents often choose the least central defender to put pressure on.


"Then of course they choose Bassey, because Timber is so comfortable with the ball. is a bit like driving a car for Bassey, you just have to do it very often and then it becomes his own."